History of the company

"Everybody is seeking for a convenient house that is full of comfort and warmth. Golden House Company was created in order to fill your home with comfort and convenience. We understand how important the family hearth is, so we strive to provide only the best services. The basis of the company’s establishment is the desire of a person feeling full happiness at home, to bring this light feeling in the life of each client. It is for this a lot of efforts and a lot of work have been made. Having come to the goal, we can confidently say that we provide our customers with the quality and homeliness. Every day we are cultivating our abilities and trying to delight you."

Start-up of the company

The company began its activities in 2011 with the opening of its first showroom in the Biennale furniture center. At that time the retail area occupied an area of 120 sq. meters, and the product suppliers were represented just by several small factories. It was a small step towards a big deal and a very serious goal.

Features of the implementation

The company Golden House is an organization that officially represents all the producers with which it cooperates. This equates to set reasonable prices. Our catalogue presents the products belonging to different styles of furniture and can be used in a variety of interior design directions. Through the availability of the own warehouse programme and the well-established logistics, our customers have no need to wait for the order receipt for too long. The purchase is delivered within two weeks by our employees being responsible for the further furniture assembling. We give the warranty on all our products, as well as quick and accurate assembly. Our employees will not even leave any footmarks in your home as they wear shoe covers during their work

The successful development of the company

By the year 2016, the company Golden House reached high level: • The Dnipropetrovsk trading area rose to 1000 sq.m. after opening the second store in 2012 in the Furniture center and the further development in the best furniture centers of Dnepropetrovsk city. • More than 100 different manufacturers became our partners. Every day we hold a serious and active work in order to make the best offers to you and develop for you. When you come to us, you will find that it is not an ordinary furniture store, but the design studio. Our specialists have been trained in a specific manner and can help you to create a really comfortable and convenience design in regard to each corner of your home or to develop a complete design project.


We are not only selling furniture and help to generate a comfortable living conditions, we are trying to expand the range by a variety of goods created to bring joy and comfort. We are the people who are able to shatter the myth that house is just a roof over your head. It turns into a place where harmony and comfort exist and where not only members of your family feel comfort, but also your guests do feel it. With our assistance it is simpler to be happy in your own home.
Today, we are boldly experimenting with styles and are looking for new solutions for your home, which tomorrow will transform your entire life.

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  1.  Family values.

    Our furniture imparts family values, respect to traditions.

  2.  Respect for each employee of the company and business partners.

    We are the members of one team, so the effectiveness of the result depends on our concerted actions. The partnership with the best companies is based on trust and this is our basic principle.

  3.  Customer orientation.

    The customer is our main value. We do not work with people, we work for people. Our company search an individual approach in respect to each client and it allows to take into account all your wishes and to ensure maximum results.

  4.  Expensiveness does not mean inaccessibility.

    We show to Ukrainian consumers that expensiveness does not mean inaccessibility, expensive things are of high quality, they are comfortable and stylish.

  5.  The everlasting pursuit to development.

    Every day we are engaged into improvement, staff development and the search for new ways to improve the quality of services by means of expanding the range of products. We always monitor the current trends in furniture fashion in order to provide you with the best products.